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The premier course in Australia for people who want to take their existing knowledge and transform it into a source of income through digital work

Applications for 2021 are now closed. 

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Aspiring freelancers,


to the digital economy

In the new age of the digital economy, being able to monetise your existing skills has never been easier. 

But where do you start?

Sure there is a lot of information readily available on the internet - but we all know that trying to seek answers from the internet is like trying to drink from a fire hydrant

Too much information too soon leaves many aspiring freelancers stuck with analysis paralysis

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

With freelancing, you CAN create a stream of income that gives you flexibility and freedom without having to go back to uni or invest thousands of dollars in set up expenses

And more importantly

It is not too late to freelance profitably in any niche that lights you up and brings you joy

The Australian Digital Job Accelerator was created as a safe space to equip you with the skills, support and accountability necessary to spread your wings and start forging your path as a successful freelancer

Whether you’re new to the digital work world or have years of experience being a freelancer, ADJA will help you attract loyal clients, build your digital portfolio and build lasting connections in one of the warmest and most welcoming communities on the internet

Wouldn't it be great to invest in your own abilities?

To create extra income in a way that gives you more satisfaction, flexibility and joy?

Create an extra income stream with your existing skills and knowledge

Society often tells us that the only way to financial independence is to get a ‘safe job.’ Others are too worried about the financial risk in case it all goes pear-shaped, leaving them in a cycle with no real way out. 

We will never force you into a position where you are uncomfortable with your financial security.

With ADJA, we’ll give you all the tips you need to create a side-hustle without having to give up the security of your job. 

As your client list grows and become more confident in selling your services it will ultimately become YOUR CHOICE if you want to take the leap full-time into your freelancing business.

Why Freelancing?

More and more research is showing how the rat race has employees feeling unsatisfied, burnt-out and in some cases anxious to even go to work. 

Taking your career into your own hands can seem like a daunting task, especially when you are 100% responsible for the outcome. That is why ADJA has been flexibly designed so you can start your freelancing career as a side-hustle while maintaining the security of your job.

And if you are reading this you have probably watched through dozens of YouTube videos, stared at different blogs and even scrolled through Instagram looking for advice or a ‘magic pill’ that will bring you all the success you could ever want. 

While we can’t offer you that ‘magic pill,’ we do know that with the right guidance you can create a side-hustle that allows for more security and brings you joy.

"To anyone considering signing-up for ADJA, I'll say 'definitely go for it'! You'll not just learn about the digital freelance space but also discover more about yourself through the process."
Annalie Gracias
"Before ADJA, I didn't know the power of pitching and using social media platforms to grow. I was only on Fiverr, and that was hardly getting any jobs. I came to know about ADJA via LinkedIn and I felt as if this course is designed for me!"
Urmi Shah
"The program was designed so well that I could grow my network and also developed confidence to communicate with prospective clients. My biggest win during the tenure is my improved confidence and a family of Superwomen behind me to support."
Sunitha Mukherjee

Ask yourself

Do you feel worried about your job security?

Is competing in the rat-race dragging you down?

Do you want the ability to choose who you work with?

Do you crave a more flexible lifestyle?

Do you want to earn an income doing something you love?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above it is time to take advantage of the booming digital economy

Be part of a supportive community

Usually, the most challenging part of taking the leap is that little voice that pipes up every so often, questioning our abilities. 

With ADJA, you'll be amongst a supportive network of mentors, coaches and other aspiring freelancers ready to help you.

Because the little voice of doubt? Is totally normal - we all go through it at some stage. 

You have two choices:

  1. You can sit and listen to it
  2. You can take action, lean on others for support and charge forward

With the Australian Digital Job Accelerator you'll be in a community of supportive likeminded  people who will help and encourage you on your way

Meet our alumni

Annalie Gracias

Meet Annalie, a journalist who was working full time when she joined the Australian Digital Job Accelerator. Listen to what she had to say about ADJA.

Some interesting facts about freelancing

According to McKinsey & Company

50 %
of the workforce are freelancers
90 %
of freelancers have a positive outlook of their future
65 %
earn more than their job with a traditional employer
78 %
enjoy the flexibility and lifestyle of freelancing
Our mission is your success

How ADJA works

This 6-week course will show you everything you need to forge your own career path in the world of freelancing.

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6 information-packed modules filled with all the practical knowledge you need for freelancing success

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Get unparalleled support from our coaches and guest experts, here to help with any blocks you may encounter

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At the heart of ADJA is it's incredible community. Meet exceptional people and celebrate each others wins

"I was not confident enough to explore freelancing, but ADJA gave me confidence to approach clients online. I have learned a lot about networking and how to market my skills."
Beant Kaur
"Daizy created a comfortable environment where I could easily approach her to ask questions and seek advice. It was a much-needed safe space where no question was too stupid. My confidence has risen by 200%, I am more confident in my abilities, and I’ve realized that I have plenty to offer."
Aparna Pitale
"ADJA really taught me how powerful my networks are even if they might not be as developed as other people I admire. They can still be valuable if I make the effort to stay connected with everyone"
Erika Menezes

What you'll learn in the Australian Digital Jobs Accelerator



Introduction and agency

Learn how to maximise the benefits from participating in ADJA with practical advice from head coach Daizy Maan.

In this unit you will learn how to leverage the shift towards online work to earn an income from freelancing. 

unit two

Niche and networking

Finding your niche and growing your network

Learn how to find your niche and gain a deeper understanding of your values so you can communicate clearly with your ideal customer. 

In this session you’ll learn the art of building relationships through LinkedIn and social media. You’ll learn tips which other freelancers have used to create hundreds of deep and meaningful connections without any sleazy marketing tactics.

unit three

Client attraction

Communicating effectively and making a lasting impression  

The most important part of digital work is knowing how to sell your service through building strong partnerships.

It is the difference between being your own boss, and taking orders like a barista.

That is why in unit three you will learn how to communicate with clients in an effective and impactful manner. Feel confident in your skills and talent, take action towards selling your service and make it impossible for clients to say no. 

unit four

Generating income

Making sales and money 

Get ready to make money! Together, we will craft an irresistible offer for your clients. You’ll learn how to charge more and attract high paying, reliable clients. 

You’ll leave this session with a new perspective on making sales, attracting clients and leveraging social media to facilitate your growth. 

unit five

Grow your client base

Retaining clients and growing your business  

Want to know how to make sure that all your clients are satisfied and thrilled with your work? 

We got you!

In this session you’ll learn a few simple (but crucial) tips on how to ensure client satisfaction. You will learn how to make your clients feel heard and understood- an important skill to have if you want your clients to keep coming back. 

You’ll also learn how to generate a high number of testimonials and referrals (all you need is the referral template we’ll supply you with and a few clients who love your work). 

unit six

Package your offers

Pricing and money mindset  

In this session you’ll learn about the psychology of pricing and how to have a money mindset. Learn how to empathise with your client and price your services in a way that they’ll have to say YES. 

We tend to underestimate the value of our work but you’ll leave this session knowing just how valuable your work is - never again sell your service for pennies.  

Plus get all the support you need

How to apply

Step 1. Register your interest here for 2022

 Step 2. You'll be notified once applications for 2022 open. 

Step 3. Wait to hear back from us about your application we will email you the outcome. As we have a limited number of positions available, we will only accept dedicated candidates.

The 2021 round of the program will begin on the 5th October and sessions will run on Tuesdays from 7pm-9pm AEST until the 9th of November. 

Register your interest now for the digital job acclerator

Applications for the current round are now closed. Applications will open in 2022.

Who ADJA is for?

  1. Are you a BIPOC/migrant/CALD female in Australia between the ages of 18-30 years old?
  2. Do you want to learn how to build your skills from the comfort of your home?
  3. Do you want to accelerate your growth and capacity to earn an income through digital work?
  4. Do you want the opportunity to network and learn from skilled professionals within your industry?
  5. Do you have access to a computer and reliable internet?
  6. Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then register your interest now.

Take control of your future

There is no failure in the world of freelancing. You either continue, or you don’t. 

If you follow the right path with determination and grit, success is inevitable. 

And now there’s a myriad of opportunities to try freelancing - even as a side-hustle. 

It’s not a piece of cake, but it has never been easier to start. 

Imagine looking one year back from today and having a career you’re proud of. 

A freelance career where you can choose what work you do, and who you work for. 

A career that caters for your financial needs and fuels your soul.

How GOOD would that feel?

And the best part? You’ll have total security knowing that you have all the skills and knowledge you need to start from scratch if you ever have to. 

ADJA provides with knowledge and skills that no one can ever take away from you. 

Now imagine being surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals all cheering each other on, each person living their life filled with joy and abundance. 

That’s exactly why the Australian Digital Job Accelerator was created.

Imagine if...

  • You could be your own boss and have control over your work hours
  • You could increase your income from the comfort of your home 
  • You were able to attract loyal clients through social media platforms like LinkedIn 
  • You knew how to effectively communicate your worth to potential clients without the fear of being rejected
  • You had a community of superwomen who support you and want to see you thrive 
  • You know how to be recognized as the go to expert in your field 
  • You had mentorship and guidance for whenever you felt stuck or overwhelmed 

Make this your reality

Scholarships available

Thanks to our funding partner, FYA we are offering a 100% scholarship to 40 dedicated candidates which means you’ll only have to pay a small registration fee of $100. We are committed to economic empowerment and seeing more women succeed in the world of digital work by increasing your income and confidence. 

Our program is practical, and results orientated, we measure our success based on your outcomes, not simply in delivering an educational program. Upon registration you’ll get lifetime access to all the course materials.  

Meet the founder

Daizy Maan

Founder and head coach 

Daizy Maan’s inspirational story began when she left her home at the age of 16 to bravely forge her own path in life. Feeling stuck in a world where societal norms often ruled one's life path, Daizy was determined to take charge of her destiny. 

From meditating in the Himalayas, to being homeless then going to law school Daizy has accumulated a vast knowledge of worldly experience and is always looking for new opportunities to learn and help others. 

This experience is only parallelled by her knowledge in the world of freelancing and entrepreneurship. Having done 17 work experience placements and 14 volunteer jobs in just 3 years, Daizy has all the knowledge and practical ‘street smarts’ to mentor you to success. 

Currently, Daizy is the leader of Deakin University’s startup entrepreneurship initiative. Since taking the helm, the initiative has supported over 100 founders whose startups have collectively generated over $3 million in revenue. 

She has served as the youngest Director at Australia’s largest publicly listed Community Banking Company (NSX:CSH) with over $750m in footings. In 2018 she served as a delegate to the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance in Argentina and in 2019 was selected as a delegate for the Australia India Youth Dialogue. She is the founder of the Australian South Asian Centre based in Melbourne, Australia.